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How to increase the number of visits to the site - 9 effective tips

Oliwer Kotecky
7 min read

There is no single way to get enormous quantities of visits from Google. The reality is that you can't rely on the technique you choose to attract unique visitors, and only by using a variety of different strategies can you achieve spectacular results. Some of them require investing a lot of cash, others are completely free. They are the key to winning 50,000 (or 100,000 or even a million) new visitors.

What is needed to get 50,000 new users?

The answer is quite subversive, as time is the most important factor in gathering a large audience. It's the slow, steady, multifaceted approach to the growth of the site that is associated with a huge user base that will grow with time. Visibility in Google is a combination of paid traffic, direct search, redirects and social media. It is necessary to use all these features.

Nevertheless, there are actions that can be taken to speed up the whole process a little. They themselves also affect the number of visits, and their combination will result in a significant increase in unique users on the site. So what is most important?

Employing a professional copywriter

The content is what is most significant on the page. The website may have a beautiful layout, but if you don't find texts that are attractive to Google and readers, it will never get the reach. Therefore, creating valuable content is one of the best (and also the cheapest) things you can do to increase traffic and SEO.

However, a lot of content is needed to achieve a huge number of visits. Additionally, it has to be:

  • high quality,
  • correct,
  • interesting,
  • compatible with SEO standards,
  • unique.

Creating such texts without proper knowledge and experience can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that most traffic is generated by content that has at least 6000 characters and appears periodically on the site in the form of blog posts. Therefore, it is worth to use the services of a professional copywriter, who is able to write texts perfectly suited to the website and its recipients.

Sharing content across multiple places

The blog itself can work brilliantly, but it is not enough if you want to get hundreds of thousands of visits. To increase traffic on Google, you need to use a different kind of content scattered over multiple channels. This could be it:

  • webinar,
  • podcasts,
  • movies on Youtube,
  • virtual business cards,
  • sponsored articles,
  • interviews.

The often the company and its website will appear on the Internet, the higher it will be in the search positions, and thus it will have a chance to reach those users who are actually interested in the presented offer. Additionally, such solutions contribute to increase the audience from different target groups.

Appropriate metadata

Meta descriptions are, for example, short texts that define the content of a page accurately and concisely. They encourage people to enter the site and also interrupt or generate traffic from social media. They are also used by Google to identify content, answer questions and index pages. Without keywords in meta descriptions, Google is less useful.

Use of recommended fragments

To effectively and quickly increase traffic in free search results, you can use the recommended section. This is the information content that appears in the Google SERP after advertisements and sponsored posts. An interesting thing to note is that it does not always come from sites that take first place in the SERP. Why is this a cost-effective solution? Because the recommended sections tend to have the highest proportion of organic traffic.

Reducing the number of ads (or other content that slows down the page)

Google favours websites that load quickly. This is the responsibility of Fred's algorithm, which analyzes the sites for any barriers when browsing them. It's worth remembering that sites that load 2 seconds slower than other similar sites can experience a traffic drop of up to 60%. So how to avoid this? It turns out to be helpful to give up ads that are not adapted to modern browsers. These are often the ones that are in the middle of articles, videos that play automatically or those in the form of pop-up windows.

Adapting the website to mobile devices

According to data from the Global Digital 2019 report prepared by We Are Social and Hootsuite, there were 5.11 billion unique mobile phone users in 2019, and 54% of them used their smartphone as the main tool while browsing the Internet. So this is a massive group that cannot be underestimated. Google also recognizes this and promotes those sites that work well and look good on small screens.

Appearing in local searches

Having content that relates to the local character of the company is extremely important for commercial websites or companies that have stationary establishments. Adding localized keywords to content, meta-descriptions and blog texts can help increase search traffic and attract customers who will actually benefit from the company's offer.

Relevant keywords

There are many ways to optimize your keywords, which greatly increase traffic to your site. There are several great working programs available, some of which are free or allow for free analysis when first used. Thanks to them you can check which keywords were searched most often, what position they have in the ranking on Google SERP and whether they are used by the competition.

Purchasing additional blogs and domains

Directing traffic from blogs and other sites to a target site can generate tens of thousands of visits per month. It is important that these are high profile sites with a good reputation and reach. Their content should be consistent of what is shown on the target site. It is worth investing in them, but they must have at least:

  • 10,000 visitors per month,
  • 50% of visits coming from search engines,
  • 300 RSS subscribers.

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