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80/20 rule - how to solve SEO problems?

Anne Smith
7 min read

Only a few years ago, SEO was a topic dealt exclusively by specialists. Nowadays, every person who wants to benefit from their website must know how positioning works and what can be achieved through it. However, SEO covers so many aspects that it is very easy to get lost in the informational jungle...

How to choose the appropriate long-tailed keywords?

Wojciech Matuła
5 min read

The positioning of a website is an extremely important aspect when setting up a webpage. It increases organic traffic and conversions - i.e. converting an entry to a website from search engines to the final purchase. Acquiring sales leads appears to be seemingly simple, but let's not forget that eve...

Some easy link-building strategies

Sebastian Jakubiec
6 min read

The times when link-building consisted of pasting the address of a website anywhere on the Internet, on the principle "the more the better", are long gone. When Google's algorithms are changed, only the links leading to our site from another site that they rated well would have a positive impact on...

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