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Ads on Facebook as a source of generating potential customers

Jakub Majka
6 min read

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most powerful platforms for advertising on the Internet. The company from Menlo Park has almost 2 billion users worldwide. Such a massive database with the right configuration of advertising campaigns can provide you with sales leads in the future.

To start creating an ad on Facebook choose: "Create an ad". To generate potential customers, select "Conversion". This option will allow you to closely monitor your campaign. Then paste the URL of the place to which the user will be transferred when clicking to view the offer. At this point, the Facebook Pixel is attached. Give a name to your Pixel and define the type of conversion you are tracking. To place it on the landing page, paste it between and tags in the page code.


The next step is to optimize the advertising itself. Determining the target group by choosing the location, age, gender, interests, etc. will allow you to present your offer only to those who may be potentially interested in it. Such a specific approach will enable you to manage your budget more sensibly and make sure that your advertisement does not reach people uninterested in the subject.

You can also create a non-standard group of recipients by importing data such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses. To do so, create a new one for "Custom audience" in the "Recipients" section. There, among other things, by importing .txt or .csv you can provide the campaign with a database of people to whom the advertisement would be displayed.

Nevertheless, it is worth creating a group of receivers basing on similar interests. This will make the likelihood of gaining sales leads and generating revenue the highest. The more detailed the match, i.e. the closest group of recipients you want to reach, the higher the probability of finalising a future transaction. People with related interests, purchasing preferences and demographic data ought to react to an interesting advertisement similarly.

Creating multiple campaigns of the same advertisement will allow you to control, test and edit the targeting so that the trial and error method optimizes the whole process and obtain sales leads.


The next step is to determine the budget. We divide it into daily and total. With a daily budget, we establish what is the daily rate to be spent on advertising. The total budget covers the entire duration of the campaign. Of course, the choice of its length is also decided independently. If you have no experience in creating campaigns on Facebook, it is worthwhile to apply automatic rate setting. Facebook will bid to maximize the likelihood of your ad reaching the people who might be interested in your offer. An interesting option, in this case, is also the fact that you can set the time when the ad should appear. If your audience is most active in the morning, for example, when browsing Facebook on the way to work, it is worth taking this into account and setting the campaign so that the ad is displayed in the morning.

Advertising offers

In the multitude of possibilities that Facebook gives us, there are also limitations that we have to comply with the ad creator:

  • Ad sizes - the recommended size is 1200 x 627. Depending on where it will be placed, Facebook will modify it accordingly in terms of size. It will also not be displayed when the content is over 20% of its volume.
  • Content - The text, in this case, must fit in 90 characters, the headline is 25 characters and the link description - 500. Here it is worth experimenting with different, even extreme lengths of text to determine which format affects users most.

Measuring the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook

If our advertising campaign is focused on conversion, its success depends on its cost-to-cost ratio. You will receive the conversion cost value when your ads start showing results. This will verify how each campaign is performing and eliminate those that are not profitable. Other key performance indicators to look at our coverage, frequency, click-through rate and results for relevance:

  • reach - the number of people your ad is displayed to.
  • frequency - the average number of ads displayed to each person in its reach. If you notice that you are unable to spend your daily budget, it will mean that it is worth refreshing your ad

  • relevance score - the higher the score, the lower the cost. It is calculated based on positive and negative interactions of your advertisement with your target - conversion.

To sum up - let's bear in mind the phrases from the beginning of this post. Facebook is a powerful platform that can deliver new sales leads. Nevertheless, skillfully configuring advertising campaigns requires advanced knowledge. When acting in the dark, we can use the budget allocated to the advertising without transferring it to the results.

In subsequent posts, we will provide you with even more useful content! We encourage you to follow our website and improve your knowledge of acquiring customers on the Internet.

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