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We check your effectiveness

Everyone has sales channels, but do you use their full potential? Are you sure you use everything you should?

  • We check current sales channels
  • And suggest how to use them better
  • We propose another, if we see their profitability

We help to increase satisfaction

Your services or products are certainly at a high level, but are you sure you take care of every detail in communication with the customer?

  • We check customer satisfaction
  • We will try to implement simple procedures to improve the quality of service

We help in purchasing decisions

There are many customer segments and each has a different decision-making process. Do not create the same offer for marauders and those who love your product.

  • We verify customer segments or create new ones
  • We optimize or build a new sales funnel
  • We introduce reporting tools
  • We carry out UX, A/B, CRO research and increase ROI

Action plan with recommendations

In our report you will find our analyzes and recommendations on what can be improved or done better. Where possible, we provide numbers that will show how much of your marketing profit can increase.

  • Performance report
  • Recommendations
  • Help in implementing the plan

Ask for an audit of your website, we will check whether you sell effectively


You will receive a detailed website analysis, from UX to the quality of the content.


You will learn how to increase traffic and sales on your website.


You will learn what strategy your competitors use.


You will gain valuable information about the potential of your industry.


More traffic with Adleado

We'll get more traffic for you so you can get more customers

Finding new channels

You can gain potential clients in them

Optimization of current channels

We will check if you use their full potential

We work with a budget concern

We do not work in channels where we can't gain clients


How to increase traffic and conversion?

Ads on Facebook as a source of generating potential customers

Jakub Majka
6 min read

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most powerful platforms for advertising on the Internet. The company from Menlo Park has almost 2 billion users worldwide. Such a massive database with the right configuration of advertising campaigns can provide you with sales leads in the future.

To start creat...

How to get more customers with PPC

Jakub Majka
8 min read

Attracting a new customer generates much more costs than maintaining the one who has already purchased something from us. Marketing companies are bombarding us with suggestions that we should focus primarily on keeping our customer base, often at the expense of investing time and money to acquire ne...

How to increase the number of visits to the site - 9 effective tips

Oliwer Kotecky
7 min read

There is no single way to get enormous quantities of visits from Google. The reality is that you can't rely on the technique you choose to attract unique visitors, and only by using a variety of different strategies can you achieve spectacular results. Some of them require investing a lot of cash, o...


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Why PPC advertisement is so important?

We help to obtain views or downloads through various channels such as Google Ads, PPC, SEO, ASO and others. We support clients and marketing agencies in obtaining additional traffic.

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If you have a problem with the amount of valuable traffic - we will deliver it and help with its service.



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