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Email Marketing

Do you want your emails to sell and increase the value of your brand? We will help you with that!


We know what and when to send

We start all our projects with a thorough examination of the target group and defining its features. Thanks to this, we can assume what content we should send and at what time. A/B tests and message opening time tests help us.


We analyze and optimize mailing campaigns

We know that the key to success is continuous development, which is why we are constantly looking for the best solutions. All our mailing campaigns are analyzed and optimized to increase their effectiveness and reduce costs.


Benefits of email marketing with Adleado


We will personalize your e-mails

We know perfectly well that each of us likes to feel special, which is why we personalize our mailing campaigns based on our data.


We will ensure compliance with the GDPR

We know how to conduct mailing campaigns so that they comply with the provisions of the GDPR, you will not have to do it yourself.


We will build awareness of your brand

Mailing is a good way to directly address the customer and build relationships with him, as well as create the company's image.


Efficiency on every device

An increasing proportion of the population uses the internet on mobile devices, and market research has shown that mailing is very effective on them.


We will check different campaign models

Tests, analyzes and optimization - these are important elements for us. Thanks to them we will discover what will be perfect for your business.


We will turn up your ROI

A high return on investment is not a problem for us


How to increase traffic and conversion?

How to advertise a medical practice?

Oliwer Kotecky
5 min read

Above all, let's start with the most important issue, the law. According to it, there are professions in Poland, which contractors cannot advertise their services. These include bailiffs, lawyers and doctors. The status of doctors in this aspect is regulated by the Act of 15 April 2011 of the polish...

10 facts about remarketing β€” why is it worth pursuing such a PPC campaign?

Jakub Majka
12 min read

Remarketing arouses utmost emotions. On the one hand, it is compared to a magic wand, thanks to which you can obtain spectacular sales results, on the other hand, it is accused of being pushy and wasting resources. How is it for real? Remarketing is certainly a major issue in e-commerce, which inclu...

How to increase the number of visits to the site - 9 effective tips

Oliwer Kotecky
7 min read

There is no single way to get enormous quantities of visits from Google. The reality is that you can't rely on the technique you choose to attract unique visitors, and only by using a variety of different strategies can you achieve spectacular results. Some of them require investing a lot of cash, o...


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Why PPC advertisement is so important?

We help to obtain views or downloads through various channels such as Google Ads, PPC, SEO, ASO and others. We support clients and marketing agencies in obtaining additional traffic.

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