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How to choose the appropriate long-tailed keywords?

Wojciech Matuła
5 min read

The positioning of a website is an extremely important aspect when setting up a webpage. It increases organic traffic and conversions - i.e. converting an entry to a website from search engines to the final purchase. Acquiring sales leads appears to be seemingly simple, but let's not forget that every business is competitive and it is always more difficult for a new player on the market to reach consumers' awareness.

In the context of positioning and selection of key phrases, it is necessary to consider certain issues, of which the most important would seem to be: in response to which search engine inquiry do we want to present our product to the user? This simple question may prevent the budget allocated to an advertising campaign from going to waste. Let's use an example. Assume that you run a small company that produces jewellery for people interested in Slavic mythology. A layman wouldn't know who Weles is, what is a lunula, or what the mythical Slavic demons were called. Those looking for interesting jewellery on the Internet may use the query "male jewellery", "wedding jewellery" or " jewellery Apart". However, there's no denying that positioning on such general inquiries will be a difficult, mainly because we probably can't compete with larger companies in terms of budget, but also because such an inquiry is not likely to translate into a conversion - which, let's assume, is a purchase.

The product we sell is our asset. We know it best, we have devoted time and taken care of what it should look like eventually, in which box it should reach the customer and what feelings we want to evoke in him. Therefore, we think about the product in detail. And thus, let's position it accordingly. Through this example, we can explain what long-tail keywords are. These are queries consisting of three or more words. In our In case, instead of a general positioning, a more appropriate choice would be " silver Slavic jewellery Wroclaw" or "Slavic motifs jewellery" or "Slavic jewellery earrings".

Advantages of long-tailed keywords

The main advantages of long-tail keywords are that they are not searched so often and are more detailed. These two features indicate the user's interest in a particular thing. Positioning on the phrases, which we mentioned in the example above, we will hit a niche and although there would not be as many visits to our site as in the case of traffic with TOP 3 for the keyword "jewellery", they would have a high probability to become a sales lead.

Secondly, a person who is looking for such a specific thing as earrings with a Slavic motif usually already knows that he wants to buy these items - so let's let them find it! On the other hand, the website visits preceded by a search for the general phrase "jewellery" can be done only for recognition purposes. The third extremely important aspect of positioning on long-tail keywords is lower advertising costs. Let's remember - the fewer searches a keyword has, the cheaper and more specific it would be. Positioning on general phrases may ruin the budget, increase the number of visits to the site, but it will not be reflected in the finalisation of the transaction.

Useful tools

You can find a lot of tools to search long-tailed keyword lists. It would be wise to start with Google AdWords keyword planner. After logging in, on the tab "Tools", find "Keyword Planner". Then choose a search by category, site or phrase. The tool will present a list of keywords according to your guidelines. Moreover, it will indicate how much you will have to pay for a click on your advertisement, as well as how competitive the given keyword is. Apart from the above-mentioned service, you can also take a look at, or

The easiest way to find a search for a long-tailed phrase is to type its beginning in Google (e.g. in this way: "Slavic jewellery s" - the search engine would suggest shop or silver). Similarly, you can look at the keyword associated with our search. The best method seems to be to search at the source. Immersion in forums, fan pages or pages with information about the Slavic world will certainly help us to discern the demand for the product.

Let's add that to efficiently position long-tailed keywords, it's worth to introduce them in the title and page headings. We recommend to use them also in the first sentence of the opening paragraph. It will always be valuable to always have them in the correct grammatical form. By positioning in this way we may not drastically increase the number of visitors to our site, but we will most likely convert this action into the number of purchased products.

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